More History (the 'water myth) and other home projects

Living History and One-sided Perceptions of the Past, Part 1

Historical Music, Irish Weather, and Wardrobe Malfunctions

How I Spend Some of My Days...

It's International Women's Day, and frankly I feel lied to...

Lynn Riggs and The Cherokee Night...

Fun Presidential Trivia and History

Historical Fun Findings: King Henry VIII's Brain Injury, More on Witch Hunts, "Indecent" Exposure, and Tatoos

Men's Suffrage

Luther Leonidas Hill Jr. and Henry Myrick

Witchcraft: 19th Century Attitudes, A Family Business, and Judge Brewster's Dilemma

Fun Facts: 18th and 19th Century Advice For Women

Sex in the Middle Ages or "Privates on Parade" and 18th Century Buttoned Up Womens Fashions?

Were Our Ancestors Stupid?

 A Quick Word on Cotton Mather...

Upcoming History/Reenacting Events (September, 2018)

Interview with 18th Century Costumer, Kara Gordon

Historical Blogger/Costumer/Singer/Musician Eliza Vincz, March 2019

Alexander Hamilton Symposium (presented by Washington & Jefferson College and the David Bradford House 


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